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Evolution takes on many forms.

The Live Event and Conference Industry's evolution to Live5tream is the next logical step.

While the Live Events Industry has been around for many years, never has it seen such a rapid change (call it evolution) as it has seen in 2020.  With the rapid advancement of Streaming Technology, Live5tream by 5Gear Studios bridges the gap of the once known "in-person" event to the "virtual event".  Given the current climate of the live events industry, 5Gear Studios understands there is currently a large demand for virtual event capabilities.  For many of our customers, this is new territory.  Fortunately, for 5Gear Studios, it's not!  We have been creating programming for Video on Demand and Live Streaming for many years. Bit rate? Stream Strength? Number of cameras, angles?  Resolution? Chyron? Switching?  We take care of it all, professionally, so you can focus on one thing, delivering your message.

The team at 5Gear Studios has always been here to help. Our knowledgeable, courteous and professional team is more than happy to walk you through our live event capabilities and lay out the various ways we can deliver an engaging and seamless live event experience for you and your attendees.

Streaming to Canada, the United States, or another country?  No worries, we do it all!  With our dedicated Sputnik Engine or Vimeo Live Stream connection, you'll be rest assured that your live-stream will go LIVE when YOU want it to.

Whether you're streaming to hundreds or even 20,000+ virtual attendees, 5Gear Studios provides the technical expertise and equipment to communicate your message to your audience.  Our primary expertise is in Live-Streaming and Video on Demand.  We have multiple service offerings available for virtual events of all shapes and sizes.

Our webcasting and live streaming services utilize the latest in multimedia streaming technology to transmit both live audio and video feeds to live audiences positioned anywhere around the world. All of our virtual events have the capability to be white-labelled and password protected, ensuring your organization a secure portal for your message delivery. 


Attendees can also chime in with live questions, participate in live polls, and various other live attendee/host interactions. Our studio has partnered with the Internet giant VIMEO.  Vimeo's Live-Stream is so powerful, they purchased the original Live-Stream (aptly named) company over three years ago.  

Attendees not all able to make your Live Event?  No worries!  Your entire event can be archived online, to be accessed by attendees at any point later on. 

When the need to connect and engage with your audience is at an all-time high, you don’t have to sacrifice quality when it comes to delivering 5Gear's Live5tream services.  Our studio, facility or at your place of business, 5Gear's Live5tream technology goes where YOU want it to!

Best of all, we're a VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY!  That means, you have over 30 years of amazing content creators behind you to ensure your live event looks its best, every time!


The need to connect and engage with your audience is at an all-time high.  How are YOU going to deliver YOUR message while standing out from the crowd?  How will you ensure your Virtual Event is as professional as your in-person event can be?  Trust 5Gear Studios Live5tream services.  That's how!


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Your Conferenece.  Your messaging.  Anywhere

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